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released May 20, 2012



all rights reserved


CRT&ME Chandler, Arizona

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Track Name: Magick
open up your mind now, he says to the girl
with a charm and touch his satisfaction light the flame of her attraction
as the lights switch go off, she enters the room
takes a second thought to think too fast this trance she swoons too quick
and too soon

but the man is magic, he turns you to dust
potions broken bottles open passion drips from every word hes spoken
tries she cant resist him, his infinite lust
pulls and prods and drags her down she drowns a pool so full of this seduction
hes making the scene
gets the spaces in between
those legs, those looks
so sweet, shes an open book
her eyes, her sighs
his lies, innocence
he took
her heart, baited by this hook

another night, and another time
feels like falling stars
gypsies at the bazaar
a spells cast
into her hourglass
the genies wish
to dream forever
lets make it last

out of his hat another white rabbit leaps
like a sign of things to come
he swears declares that shes his number one
queen for the stage
mistress in a cage love machine
love so obscene
unseen, to him shes got some tricks up her sleeve
magick device so nice, for once hes thinking twice
got time to stay, for another ride, carpet ride
this woman is witching
hes making the scene
gets the spaces in between
those legs, those looks
so sweet, shes an open book
her eyes, her sighs
no lies, mesmerized
she took
his mind, baited by her hook

the man is magic, the womans a witch
the romance is tragic, mortal succubus
sorcery and summoning
lustfully bound at the hip, its as if were meant to be
such consequence
lust turns into love
romancing the stones
she fits just like a glove
like a song, shes a tight verse
such a fine curse
blessings could be worse
Track Name: the Name Drop, Drop Dead
i never should have answered the phone
baby girl but you know
im a sucker for talking
to strangers
and it seems like a hunter
youve got a new number
and i took the bait
so now ill sit back and pray
that i can manage to make it through the day anyway
after hearing your voice
pretty voice, spill out his name

from your lips
the same lips you kissed me with
time and time again
and you loved me with
all over the town

im a sucker for talkin to strangers

what did you think when you said your boyfriend's
name aloud when you called instead of mine
do you think at all?
what do you think when you call late at night
if you plan to get your best friend back babe
then your dead wrong

long as hes still there
then i wont be
at least directly
and that i think you know
dont think i dont care
you know damn well dear
i do, and thats the problem here
i know we both start off with a J
and you with a K
and babe i gotta say that thats a shame
so you know that im just kidding
when i say i
dont want you back
you know i miss you
always and i do
but not now not today not in this way
Track Name: Orange Pie
a bag of apples, on the shelf
too high to reach, all by yourself
so whats the right, thing left to do
when everyones hungry, and waiting on you

do you substitute, the oranges at your side
when everyones expecting, apple pie

captain of the kitchen
keep on top of the mission
youve gotta hold firmly to the tradition
get all the right ingredients, hurry theres no time
to fill the family recipe so make up your mind

if you've got a plan and you need a helping hand
likes 1's combine to form a two, ill be your man, im here for you
and though i cant reach any farther, i can always be your ladder
be your helper, like none other, its game time, take
my hand make the climb
Track Name: Crush
i know your name
and i know your face
gotta play the game
to keep up the pace
i think i like you girl
ive fallen and i want to give you a whirl

i like you and all the ways
you laugh, and joke
i could listen to your voice for days
i like your smirkish smile
id love to stay and make you flaunt it
for awhile

i think i like you girl
ive fallen, and i want to give you the world.

i know your scent and your taste
your ink and the curvature of your waist
i like the way you stare
when your biting your lip
laying lustfully there
Track Name: Love is Dead
im so confused
its a barrel of monkeys
banana junkies
my paper is written with poor penmanship
im getting terrible mileage on this trip
when you cut the cord did you leave a little left behind?
im finding myself buying time to kill
and time to waste for
shaking the chills
its numb outside
and im cold
inside this is getting old
my heart is freezing
over solid as a glacier girl
you were the glacier
that sunk the titanic
and now im drowning and feeling manic
without a raft to bring me back
you sunk the ship
your a heart attack

love is dead
go home
this shop is closed i dont have what your looking for
im sorry but my heart is empty
because its already been stolen
and im apparently
still unable
to clean up the mess and pic up the pieces

im so concerned
for the love that gets wasted
the people that fake it
the hearts that get broken, for nothing at all
lies that get spoken to soften the fall
when you set the stage, was the outcome what you had in mind?
did you really think, that i was so blind
and ignorant, ill
foolish enough to swallow the pill
though some succumb, and i know
to your tricks, and your antics for show
your part, well rehearsed
caring nurse, on the scene
3rd degree burnt debris apropos
you were the wizard
who conjured the magic
rabbit in a hat
im the patron who bought it
alone with the mirrors
and smoke like a deer
in the headlights
while you dissapear

like its been said
ill never get you out of my head
you will always be the one
Track Name: Defeat on Repeat
never again
will i imagine
a happy painted picture in the end
never again
will i believe
in stars that shine
for wishes sent at night
never again
will i hope
for a light at the end of the tunnel
never again
will i think dreams
ever manifest outside of sleep

never again
will way back when
be a time i go to when i cry
never again
will i find sin
conducive to help
the situations im in
never again
will i condone
looking after any backs besides my own
never again
will i hope for a better tomorrow
never again will i expect anything else but sorrow
Track Name: This Moment in Time
im laying beside you now inside your heart and mind i vow
to rest within
graphic novels where your the paper and im the pen
feel my heart beat against your breast
enclosed, entangled
were lying chest to chest
the feelings so divine
when im inside of you and this moment in time

i saw you when i looked up to the sky
the stars they shone bright as your eyes
and the clouds were as interesting
forms shaped out so well they were you, acknowledging
ive known you, for a time now
but never before have i known how
it feels to be weightless in your arms
the sirens sound off along with all of the alarms

tonight is the night that i make myself clear
the way that i feel i want you to hear
and thats not the only thing i crave
to ask you a question, if i could be so brave
your unending beauty beneath you rests
physicaly speaking your only the best
but deeper than this youve got a charm
that makes me want you forever in my arms